Corporate Consultancy

We develop individual solutions, according to the characteristics, needs of the company and the value that each client aims for, through diagnoses and improvement of procedures and internal controls, related to the administrative, financial, accounting and fiscal areas.

Accounting Services

Accounting management of companies of all sizes and segments. The strict compliance to legal instruments is a basic principle of our operation. Our special attention focuses on furnishing timely information and reports for corporation management, to enable decision-making.

Personnel Area

Management and control of personnel records and elaboration of payroll. Our important differential feature lies in the constant advise on actions to be implemented by clients in order to avoid labor litigations, using as a tool, the correct interpretation and follow-up of labor and social security laws.

Fiscal Area

The outsourcing of the fiscal area focuses on continuously following-up operations of clients, aiming at reducing fiscal burdens through the correct interpretation and application of the law.

Attorney Management / Regularization

Services that involve the legalization and regularization of the legal entity and the individual, related to: opening of companies, contractual changes, closure of companies, registration of minutes etc.



It is 20 years of great enthusiasm to fulfill the commitment to offer a quality service and responsibility to the business community. Having the trust of our customers is the primary goal of our organization. We are a team of professionals committed to promoting results and satisfaction to clients, staff and partners, through the excellence of the services provided with the vision of being a reference in consulting and business advice, without giving up the values ​​of ethics, availability, appreciation of the human being And team performance.

At this age we feel in good shape and ready to adjust and perfect everything we do and also face new challenges. We are convinced that we are just starting out and we have a lot to build. Walking always forward is part of our story.

We know that we alone would not have the successes we have achieved and for this we thank all those who are part of this journey: team, clients and partners, indispensable for our trajectory.


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